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Custom Bulk Bags, a division of Custom Extrusion Pty Ltd, has been a significant bulk bag (F.I.B.C.) manufacturer in the South African market since commencing business.

From our humble beginnings in 1999, we are now capable of producing 3.5 million bulk bags per annum, utilising all our own materials, supplying into small, medium and large industries with equal attention given to each market segment.

Our definite commitment to good health & safety practices ensures a safe working environment and the same commitment to good hygiene and cleanliness guarantees a quality product will be delivered to our customers.

Custom Extrusion Pty Ltd is proudly owned by the Deneb Investment Group.

“Our stringent in-house testing & QC regime ensures that we maintain exceptional levels of quality.”

Company Overview

Custom Bulk Bags has the capacity to convert 5 million kg’s of woven polypropylene or 3.5 million bulk bags per annum.This together with our liner shaping capacity of 1 million liners per annum ensures that our lead times are minimal, keeping our loyal customers “in stock” at all times.

Our circular woven polypropylene fabric is expertly converted into bulk bags with the highest level of quality in mind. The stringent in-house testing & QC regime ensures that we maintain these levels which is only surpassed by our superior levels of service delivery.

Our Mission Statement is to be the benchmark provider of packaging solutions to the South African and African markets thereby contributing significantly to our customers value chain. We will achieve this by adopting world class manufacturing and supply chain best practices; unlocking the potential and capabilities of our employees and by embracing the expanded roles and responsibilities expected of a modern business.

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Our ISO and BEE Accreditations

Custom Bulk Bags has been ISO 9001:2015 accredited since 2007 and we currently have a number of UN certified bulk bag designs accredited through Ten E. Our BBBEE score card represents a level 2 with procurement recognition of 125%.

Further we are proudly 89.66% black owned & 34.86% black female owned.



Custom Bulk Bags supplies their full range of products into all three main industries – mining, chemical and food.

We expertly produce the full range of FIBC’s namely the side loop bag, the cross corner loop bag which includes the omega and mulox styles, the SPL & DPL bag and various unitising slings.

The following products compliment our wide range of FIBC’s:

Glued in liner bags
Baffle bags
Anti sift bags
Type C anti static bags
Bottled shaped polyethylene liners using both virgin grade and recycled virgin grade film

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Queries or concerns? Feel free to contact us in any of the following ways:

Contact: Chris Byram
031 710 4501
Cel: 072 767 2158
Email: sales@custombb.co.za
Address: Chelsea Road Industrial Park, 1 Blasé Road, New Germany, South Africa

A member of the Deneb Investments Limited family.